About Abeer

We at Abeer believe in the utmost satisfaction of our Patients and focus on the idea of preventive aspect rather than treatment aspect. We aspires to provide the best healthcare experience with stress on Family Medicine.

The main aim of this venture is to make multi specialty polyclinic a realty. Visiting a multi specialty hospital for any illness is slowly taking a back set in developed countries, instead they depend largely on polyclinics. To make this possible in kerala is what Abeer is aiming at. We have all specialties and super specialties at Abeer. More than 50 doctors work in this clinic's various specialities and super speciality departments. They are very sincere and efficient in their respective fields. Along with this, comes the concept of Family Doctor which is the USP of Abeer.




Abeer acknowledges and is dedicated to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility.


Health Guide Downloads

Abeer Family Medical Center, from time to time, will upload health tips and guides for people to download, read and benefit from.


Web Enabled

Abeer Family Medical center  has implemented a web based software architecture that lets doctors and patients have access to necessary reports and information remotely.




Abeer Family Medical center in the true sense will be your family doctors' clinic guiding your entire family through healthcare needs. Your family doctor will be your first point of contact whenever needed.


End to End Care

Abeer Family Medical center has arrangements to facilitate referral and admission of patients into some of the leading tertiary care hospitals in South India.


Grievance Cell

Abeer Family Medical center believes in quick action to address any inconvenience to patients. All patients have direct access to the Directors to discuss issues or make suggestions.